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Cultural and creative industries event in Barcelona highlights Fair MusE as an example of innovation

July 20, 2023
Cultural and creative industries event in Barcelona highlights Fair MusE as an example of innovation

The Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union organised a conference –  “Cultural and creative industries, cities and citizens fostering sustainable development and well-being”  – aimed at  exploring the pivotal role of these industries in driving innovation, prosperity, and wellbeing in the European Union and beyond.

Fair MusE was presented as a notable example of innovation in the Cultural and Creative Industries alongside other projects funded by the European Commission’s HORIZON programme such as Dafne+ (focussing on fair creative content distribution of art through blockchain technology), Crescine (enhancing the competitiveness and cultural diversity of the European film industry) and Epic-WE (on empowering young people through video game-making).

Fair MusE’s project coordinator Giuseppe Mazziotti addressed all delegates in a video message on 12 July explaining how our project aims to promote fairness in the European music ecosystem focussing on the challenges faced by musicians and creators, especially as regards  their reliance on copyright within user-generated platforms and  streaming services. By considering the potential dominance of platforms’ network effects and the impact of their algorithms on music production and consumption, Fair MusE advocates for a more equitable and transparent ecosystem where music creators become more aware of the commercial and technical modes of exploitation of their works .

The Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Culture hosted this cluster event with the purpose of promoting one of Spain’s goals during its EU presidency semester, namely enhancing social and economic justice. 

During her keynote address, Joanna Drake, Deputy Director-General of the DG Research & Innovation of  the European Commission, described the cultural and creative industries as the vibrant heart that beats with competitiveness, innovation, and social belonging. Drake further noted that consumers are increasingly seeking social experiences, which in itself becomes a factor of competitiveness. The cultural and creative industries, therefore, serve as catalysts for entrepreneurial spirits, propelling economies forward. Innovation plays a pivotal role in pushing boundaries within these industries and creating experiences that resonate with audiences worldwide.

We are very grateful to have been invited to contribute to the Cultural and Creative Industries Event in Barcelona to address industry leaders, policymakers, and innovators to learn more about Fair MusE. With a focus on innovation, fairness, and the economic, social, and cultural contributions of the creative industries, the event showcased the immense potential for growth, collaboration, and positive change in the European Union and beyond. 

The 12 July session was streamed live from the Disseny Hub (Design Museum) in Barcelona and can be watched here.

Cover image by Mikael Blomkvist on Pexels