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World Music Day – June 21st, 2023

June 21, 2023
World Music Day – June 21st, 2023

The worldwide celebration of music is held on June 21 on World Music Day. The name of this event varies depending on the nation, such as “La Fête de la Musique” in France, “Make Music Day” in the UK, “Festa della Musica” in Italy, or “Swieto Muzyki” in Poland.

This day has been set aside to honor music, which is a major part of everyone’s lives. The purpose of Music Day is to recognize the importance of music in life and to spread that knowledge to others. On World Music Day, a number of musicians — professional and amateur— come together to perform; numerous performances are planned, and various musical genres are made available to the general public.

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The idea for celebrating World Music Day was conceived by French politician and music journalist Jack Lang at the first International Music Day in Paris in 1982. Together with music composer and radio producer Maurice Fleuret, he came up with this concept.

When they had the brilliant idea to observe World Music Day, they were both integral members of the French Ministry of Culture. Maurice was approached by Jack Lang with a request, asking him to accept the position of Director of Music and Dance at the Ministry of Culture.

All music enthusiasts can get free music on Music Day, which today is celebrated to highlight the relevance of music and its benefits. Greetings on World Music Day!

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