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Fair MusE Portal for playlist donation: redefining fairness in music consumption

March 27, 2024
Fair MusE Portal for playlist donation: redefining fairness in music consumption

March 27, 2024 – Fair MusE, an EU Horizon Europe research project dedicated to fostering fairness and equity in the music industry, proudly announces the launch of the Fair MusE Portal. This sharing platform, developed by project’s partners Aalborg University, Denmark and Lille University, France, empowers music enthusiasts to share their music streaming data to advance research on fairness and diversity in the music industry. We will study and examine the patterns of the music recommendation algorithms to assess the fairness and diversity of music streaming services.

In an era where digital platforms profoundly influence music consumption patterns, understanding and promoting fairness is paramount. Fair MusE recognizes the importance of ensuring equitable access and treatment for all in the music ecosystem. With this in mind, the project seeks to address the increasing control exerted by major online music platforms and their algorithms. By participating in this transformative project, music listeners have the opportunity to play a pivotal role in shaping a more just and inclusive music landscape. At portal.fairmuse.eu, participants will be able to delve into the impact of digital platforms on both the creation and dissemination of music.

In an easy three-step process, users can play a role in promoting fairness in music consumption: by requesting their streaming data, uploading it to the portal, and exploring their music habits.

The contribution received will assist in creating fairer and more enriching environments for everyone involved in the music industry.

Go to portal.fairmuse.eu to share your music streaming data. 

Participation in the Fair MusE project upholds the principles of fairness and confidentiality. The project adheres to GDPR regulations, ensuring the secure handling and protection of participants’ data.

Fair MusE is a pioneering initiative set to revolutionize the European music industry in response to the dominance of major online platforms and their algorithms. In today’s digital era, it addresses the need for fairness in business models, revenue streams, and practices within the music sector. Through interdisciplinary analysis and the Fair MusE Portal, which allows for data sharing and analysis of music streaming data, it advocates transparency and offers innovative solutions like the “Music Copyright Infrastructure” and “Music Data Dashboard.” With features like the “Fairness Score,” Fair MusE empowers consumers and creators to make informed choices and culminates in a comprehensive “White Paper” with policy recommendations for the European music sector.

For more information, please contact info@fairmuse.eu 

Cover image by Victor Forgacs on Unsplash.