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Fair MusE releases policy brief on fairness in the EU music ecosystem

July 10, 2024
Fair MusE releases policy brief on fairness in the EU music ecosystem

10-07-24 – Fair MusE is pleased to announce the release of its first policy brief titled “Fairness in the EU music ecosystem policy: towards a multifaceted approach.” This collaborative effort, authored by the project’s distinguished academic researchers,  features contributions from Antonios Vlassis (ULIEGE), Giuseppe Mazziotti (UCP), Evangelia Psychogiopoulou (ELIAMEP), Apostolos Samaras (ELIAMEP), Anna Kandyla (ELIAMEP), and Dealan Riga (ULIEGE).

Grounded in the mission of Fair MusE, this policy brief provides an insightful examination of fairness within the European Union’s Digital Single Market Strategy, particularly focusing on its profound implications for the music sector. It outlines how the EU’s pursuit of ‘fairness’ and the trend of platformisation have widened the debate on how to approach and define this normative concept  within and beyond EU copyright law in our ever-evolving, data-driven digital economy.

Fair MusE is dedicated to promoting fairness in the European music industry by raising awareness of how algorithms, data collection, and exploitation models employed by social media and streaming platforms impact music creators, publishers and record labels, online gatekeepers, and music consumers. A paradigm shift in the music industry’s business models, revenue streams, and operational practices is needed to strike a fair balance for all involved.

The policy brief addresses critical issues that have arisen from the dominance of major online music platforms, advocating for a fairer, more competitive, and sustainable music sector in Europe.

Key highlights from the policy brief:

  • Examination of the evolving regulatory landscape amidst the dominance of large digital platforms in the music sector.
  • Integration of fairness as a cornerstone of EU policy beyond traditional copyright frameworks, influencing broader regulatory contexts.
  • Alignment of music sector policies with principles of diversity, accessibility, availability, transparency, and accountability.
  • Competitive fairness to support a sustainable and equitable music environment in Europe.

The policy brief draws contributions from academic researchers and industry experts affiliated with the Fair MusE project, presenting critical research findings and actionable policy recommendations for stakeholders within the music industry.

For further details and to access the full policy brief, please visit https://fairmuse.eu/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/FRM-policybrief_1.pdf 


Cover image by Scott Graham on Unsplash